We are so grateful for your team’s willingness to come and partner with us.

You are joining a long history of literally thousands of people who have been a part of making Camp Li-Wa a place where people can come and connect with God, His creation and fellowship with believers. For decades, we have watched Work Teams become a perfect way to use your gifts and abilities for the work God is doing in the lives of the children and young people in Alaska.

Since your team is visiting from outside Alaska, we want to make sure that you also get a taste of what the Last Frontier has to offer. In between work projects, your team will be have the opportunity to head out to go explore the local attractions. There are many amazing local hikes, a riverboat tour, interactive historical displays and the six million acre Denali National park. Your team will definitely experience Alaska at every turn.

Camp Li-Wa Mission Statement: Victory in Christ through Christian Camping in Alaska


The majority of our work is remodeling and repair work, but occasionally there are small or large building projects. People are also needed for auto-servicing, food service, office administration and guest services (housekeeping). Anyone can help if they come with a willing attitude. Most of the projects are physical, so team members need to be willing and able to spend a full day on their feet.

Project Length Options (See Supplemental Details)

7 Days (Saturday to Saturday)
10 Days (Saturday to next Weds.)
14 Days (Saturday to Saturday)

Typical 14-day Trip Schedule (adaptable for shorter trips)

  • Day 1: (Saturday) Fly into Fairbanks (FAI). Drive to Li-Wa and get settled and oriented.
  • Day 2: Church in the morning then Free Time. Camp Orientation and Tour.
  • Day 3-7: Work Days (see Typical Work Say Schedule below)
  • Day 8-9: (Sat-Sun) Free Time to explore Alaska!
  • Day 10-13: Work Days (see schedule)
  • Day 13 Last Alaskan Adventure
  • Day 14: Fly out of Fairbanks (go to tourist areas if time is available)

Typical Work Day

  • 7:30 am – Group Devotions (Teams will join the Summer Staff Devotions a few mornings during the week)
  • 8:30 am – Breakfast
  • 9:30 am – Project Assignments
  • 12:30 pm – Lunch
  • 1:30 pm – Project Assignments
  • 5:30 pm – Supper
  • 6:30 pm – Free time to explore Li-Wa and Alaska! (see Adventure Ideas listed below)

Work Team Member Application  Application Form

This link will take you to our online application where you will be asked to set up a password.  Please fill out all questions that apply and then click on “submit”.

Please have each Team Member fill out the application for Victory Ministry (Li-Wa) records. There are important legal questions on the application that we must have in order to allow adults to intermix with campers onsite. This will help us in our planning so we can be ready for each team.

Each group leader should have important medical information about team members in case of emergencies. Hospitals will need key information if a team member has an injury or an underlying medical condition. This information should stay private, only in the possession of the Group Leader or a designated medical person on the team.

Background Check:

This is a very important step and a requirement for every adult that comes onto our property when Li-Wa campers are present. As you know protecting our campers is our primary responsibility and we must do our due diligence to have information about every adult who has the ability to personally interact with any camper while on the grounds. Once each team member creates their profile, the background check option will then be enabled by our office staff. Once enabled, team members will return to their profile to complete the background check.


Accommodation and Bedding:
Our group accommodations vary from an apartment style cabin to dorm style rooms depending on the size and configuration of your group, and how full the camp is during your stay. Our Guest Services director will know exactly which buildings you will be staying in a week or two prior to your arrival and will communicate that to you. We ask that your team does not take the liberty to move to different accommodations without asking the Guest Services Director or Maintenance Director. The camp is growing and the last couple of years there have been times where every bed on site is full.

Bedding is provided by Camp Li-Wa, but you will need to bring a towel and your personal toiletries. If you forget anything Walmart isn’t far away.

We do not charge Work Teams.

We do challenge them to set a goal and raise money for the project(s). Your donation will go to your project(s) and to help with food and lodging expenses.

We have already budgeted for your project. The materials and tools will be ready when your team arrives. Any fundraising you could do for this project prior to your mission trip through your church or other organizations (sponsors) would be helpful. Some teams have purchased tools for a specific project and donated them for Li-Wa staff future use.


Transportation to Alaska:

Each Work Team will be responsible for getting to the Fairbanks Airport.

Transportation in State:

Li-Wa will provide transportation for your team to and from the Fairbanks Airport. Van(s) may be available for work team use for no charge when visiting Alaska attractions, however, the work team is responsible for fuel. Drivers of Li-Wa vans must be over 25 years old and show proof of a clean driving record.

Alaskan Adventure

Free Time

  • Off-Site
    • $$ Riverboat Discovery – 3 hour walking tour
    • $ Gold Dredge 8 – Interactive gold panning and gold panning history
    • Hiking or $ Bus tour of Denali National Park, 6 million acre park (2 hour drive)
    • $ Chena Hot Springs (40 minute drive)
    • Pioneer Park
    • Santa Claus House – Christmas themed Tourist stop
    • $ Fairbanks Ice Museum
    • $ Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum
    • Morris Thompston Cultural and Visitor Center
    • Angel Rocks Hike – 3.5 mile hike

*$$ = $50-$100