By the time the sub-zero temperatures fade and the snow disappears, the work list becomes long.  For 2024, there are a variety of tasks that we could use help completing – some which involve getting the camp ready to receive energetic campers, and some that involve large-scale projects to improve or upgrade the facilities.  Many of our work teams and volunteers enjoy coming to Alaska to physically get involved with these projects.  For others, if their schedules do not permit them to come, they may decide to contribute financially to a project. Additionally, churches may like to “adopt a project” by raising funds and sending a team to complete the project.  Regardless of the scale of involvement, our teams and volunteers invest. It goes without saying that this ministry could not exist without their partnership.

The New Lodge

Cost $2.9 Million

The Dining and Retreat Center is the newest building going up here at camp. It will supply space for us to bring in additional summer campers during our camping season and host larger conferences in the fall and winter.

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Well Building Construction

Cost 120,000

Due to the increasing number of campers, staff, and volunteers, our infrastructure at Camp Li-Wa has been unable to support the amount of people we wish to accommodate.  During peak times in the summer, there is not enough water volume to keep up with the demand.  In 2023, we were able to clear the site for a new well building and put down a well at that location.  Our plan for 2024, as finances allow, is to construct a new building that will act as the water storage and distribution point for the new lodge, Woodside, the ranch building, lower camp bathhouses, and our fire suppression systems.

Septic System

Cost $75,000

As the program grows, the infrastructure at Camp Li-wa has to be upgraded. Perhaps not the most exciting project on our list, installing a septic treatment plant has been our plan moving forward for over 20 years – now becoming a priority with the completion of the new lodge.  Due to the lake and surrounding wetlands in close proximity to the camp, the septic generated must be treated, and we are blessed to have the support, planning, and engineering help from Lifewater Engineering as we start this project.  We hope to prep the site and have a structure in place to receive the components for the treatment plant in 2024.

15 Passenger Van

Cost $40,000 – $60,000

Li-Wa’s vans are a major part of our ministry: used to transport campers, staff, and our many work teams all over town and sightseeing.  Due to the aging condition of our vehicles, we have recently had to remove one of our vans – making it almost impossible to accommodate groups of visitors and volunteers who rely on this transportation.  We are not looking to fill this need with a new van. Rather, a late model, lightly used van would suit our needs.

New RV Site Construction

2024/2025 Project

Li-Wa has many volunteers and visitors that bring their R/V as an accommodation.  For a few years now, we have been parking them in any spare parking lot we had around camp.  In 2024, we plan to artfully remove trees and underbrush to create a small R/V park that would accommodate 6 full-size R/Vs.  Our goal for 2024 is to put in a circular drive along with the camping site.  Then, as the Lord allows, in 2025 we plan to add sewer, water, small fire rings, picnic tables and electricity so each site would be self-contained.

Barn Upgrades

Cost $35,000

Our ranch camps and horseback riding programs continue to be very popular.  To grow with the demand, camp Li-Wa is planning to build a 100’x 200’  outdoor riding arena.  This will be constructed out of steel pipe and will have an area with bleachers for parent viewing and event seating.

Please Note: All donations are given to Camp Li-Wa to be used at camp’s discretion.